RND 400

The RND 400 .223 was our first solid billet upper and lower with extra strength where it is needed. If you need a .223 that is custom built like it should have been from the beginning, this is the one for you.

“The best AR components I’ve ever seen”Glen ZedikerGun writer and professional shooter

  • RND CNC machined matched upper and lower receivers
  • Hard black anodized with a black or gray gun coat
  • Integral Picatinny rail
  • Speed lock hammer
  • 3.5 lb. trigger pull
  • Titanium firing pin
  • Free floating hand guard
  • Synthetic A2 style stock

  • Muzzle brakes
  • Tactical rings
  • Bipods
  • Uni-Pods
  • Accessory rails
  • Magazines
  • Camo colors
  • Tube stock
Action type Gas operated, semi-automatic
Caliber .223 / 5.56 NATO
Frame 20 inches
Weight 9.5 lbs. (steel barrel)
Barrel 18 – 26 inches
Price: Contact us

One thought on “RND 400”

  1. good looking website very complete. how much would it cost for the AR-15, .223 with a 24″ barrel? is the base price the same? what type of barrels do you use? how long would it take to build? the billet system of mfg. and construction i think is the only way to go. I see a few companies are using some sort of tensioning screw to take out the loose between the upper and lower, is that used with your design? from the page date above of june 16, 2010, what has changed with your company in mfg, parts, prices, etc.? I look forward to hearing from you. thank you and happy holidays. john

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