RND 3000

RND Manufacturing has achieved what was once believed to be the impossible: encapsulation of a precision semi-automatic firing platform around the .50 BMG cartridge. Now the .50 BMG cartridge can be used to its full long range potential in a rapid multi-shot configuration. By using light weight alloys for construction, the weapon becomes weight friendly to the shooter.

The RND 3000 .50 BMG is a semi-automatic, gas operated, piston-driven rifle.

  • Super match barrel
  • Left sided non-reciprocating charging handle
  • Hard black anodized with black or gray gun coat
  • Integral Picatinny rail
  • Speed lock hammer
  • 3.5 lb. trigger pull
  • Magazine – double stack, single feed
  • RND piston gas operated system
  • Modular hand guard
  • Fully adjustable stock

  • Muzzle brakes
  • Tactical rings
  • Bipods
  • Uni-Pods
  • Accessory rails
  • Magazines
  • Camo colors
  • 30 MOA rails
Action type Piston gas operated, semi-automatic
Caliber BMG .50 caliber
Frame 60 inches
Weight 28 lbs.
Barrel 26 inches
Price: contact us

2 thoughts on “RND 3000”

  1. Steve
    After that kind of a question I had to go back and double check.
    Yes the Muzzel brake needs to be up in the features I will get that changed thanks.
    The scope is a US Optics 3.2 x 17.
    Any other questions just let me know.

    Lloyd DeSantis

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