The RND rifles are the most complete customizable line of precision semi-automatic rifles in the world today. RND rifles are engineered, manufactured and assembled in our facility in Longmont, Colorado.

RND 3000

RND Manufacturing has achieved what was once believed to be the impossible: encapsulation of a precision semi-automatic firing platform around the .50 BMG cartridge. Now the .50 BMG cartridge can ...
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RND 2500

In 2004, RND Manufacturing harnessed the extreme long range cartridge, the .408 CheyTac in a semi-automatic firing platform. Made of light weight alloys, the shooting platform exhibits surprisingly low recoil ...
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RND 2600

If you're looking for the ballistic "king of the hill", the .375 CheyTac is for you. With a supersonic range of 2900 yards, the .375 offers the ballistics for the ...
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RND 2100

If you're looking for a 1000+ yard shot in a semi-auto configuration the RND 2100 .300 Ultra Mag offers incredible punch. The Ultra Mag will dump your trophy elk across ...
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RND 2000

RND Manufacturing leads the precision rifle industry by bringing turn bolt accuracy to the semi-auto .338 LaPua Magnum. RND takes advantage of light metal alloys, which allows the shooter to ...
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RND 1000

The RND 1000 was designed for the .300 Winchester Short Magnum cartridge. The RND 1000 .300 WSM offers a small package with a big punch for long range work and ...
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