RND 101 – Side Mount Bipods

The SIDE-MOUNT BIPOD offers individual leg assemblies for each side of the hand-guard on the Picatinny rail. To reposition the bipod legs, pull down on the leg lock and move the legs to the desired position.

  • Maximum stability with the majority of the weight of the rifle being under the pivot
  • Offers individual leg assemblies for each side of the handguard
  • Fits on the Picatinny rail
  • Fits irregular shaped and round handguards
  • Offered in two heights: 14” open/12” closed; 12” open/9” closed
  • Height is adjusted with a thumb screw
  • Slide-catch for ease in moving legs to open or closed position
RND 101 – Side Mount Bipods $575

One thought on “RND 101 – Side Mount Bipods”

  1. I’ve been running a pair of these on my DTA SRS for over a year now. It’s incredibly stable and is of sturdy construction. Also, because of the boreline mount, with the legs folded I get a nice flat platform to shoot off of a rest or ruck. My highest recommendation.

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