The RND EDGE is the most complete and customizable line of precision semi-automatic rifles available in the USA today. EDGE rifles are engineered, machined and assembled in our own facility in Longmont, Colorado. RND is the only manufacturer to offer an entire series of rifles: from a .223 semi-auto through the .50 BMG.

In 1978, Lloyd DeSantis founded RND Manufacturing, Inc., as a prototype and short-range production company. In 1990, with the waning economy, Lloyd saw the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream to design and manufacture semi-automatic rifles that performed as accurately and consistently as any bolt rifle. He wanted to be able to offer the shooter, whether professional or recreational, a top-of-the-line custom made rifle.

Over the years, competitive shooters have used the RND rifles in competition and have won championships.

RND is a leader in innovation for design and manufacturing of semi-automatic rifles.
RND manufacturers all of their rifles from solid billet.
  1. 1990 – RND built a .223 semi-auto out of billet, soon the industry followed.
  2. 1994 – RND produced a .308 semi-auto, gas-operate rifle, out of billet. And again, the industry followed RND’s lead.
  3. 2000 – RND built a .338 Lapua Magnum semi-auto, gas-operated rifle. However, the industry is working to catch up.
  4. 2004 – RND was the first to manufacture a .408 CheyTac (for CheyTac) semi-auto, gas-operated rifle.
  5. 2008 – RND designed and manufactured a .50 BMG semi-auto, piston-driven rifle./li>

Lloyd DeSantis, president of RND Manufacturing, Inc.